The mission of IQ Promotion is to take care of business

Iryna Holovchak

Co-founder of IQ Promotion
Strategic Marketer
specialization: design - management.
Areas of expertise: tourism, real estate, education.
Cases: Trident tour operator, Open Development, ZV Legal Group, Nova Oselya, Building Capital ("REM") etc.
Graduated from LNU. I. Franko (Faculty of International Relations, Department of International Economic Relations), Lviv. IWP (Design Management), Warsaw.
Founder of Creative Academy and Design House Business and Design Center.

Strategic Marketer
specialization: marketing of services.
Areas of expertise: medicine, HoReCa, education.
Cases: St. Paraskeva Medical Center; dental clinics: "Rikota", "Symmetrica", "Art Dent", "Dentilor". Head of Medical Tourism Project.
Development company: Open Development, Nova Oselya, Building Capital ("REM") etc.
Certified specialist in the field of international marketing and advertising. Head and lecturer of international marketing programs in Ukraine from the Netherlands Institute of Marketing (NIMA).
Certified graduate of Kyiv-Mohyla Business School

Co-founder of IQ Promotion
Iya Kuchynska
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