ArtDent is a new clinic in Lviv with a full range of dental services
To bring a completely new clinic to the oversaturated competitive market and attract the first patients, develop a marketing plan for 6 months. Find a mechanism to convince a potential patient that it is not just one more clinic in Lviv, but a fundamentally new dental clinic in the Lviv market.
Our task
We carried out the general marketing audit of the clinic and made the comprehensive competitive environment analisys, put together a clear portrait of the key client, worked out his values, goals and objectives, as well as the principles laid down by the brand's owners.
The archetype of the brand and its key message was assigned like Caregiver.
- Caring
- Emotionally warm
- Solution of the patient's problem
- Emotions
- Calm
- Collection of smiles
- Every member of the family requires a special approach
According to that we developed the positioning of the clinic:
Art Dent clinic. Dentistry solutions. Caring about the the dearest people.
USP for Art Dent (points of differenceon the market, new niche):.
- Dentistry for pregnant women and nursing mothers
- Orthodontics for teenagers
- Dentistry for people over 60 and people with concomitant illnesses (diabetes, allergies, oncology)

Dental clinic

Concept of the clinic
Visual communications for Art Dent
Creation of pages for social networks, POS - materials and adaptive website design
Marketing strategy
We optimized the internal processes of the clinic and developed the marketing plan with the concrete actions, tools, budget and calculation with the estimated time of return on investment in marketing and advertising.