Lypovy rosy is an innovative development project of "Nova Oselya" company – cottage town with turnkey renovation houses. The main idea of the complex is to offer a fully ready-to-live houses at an affordable price, a combination of the advantages of living in a big city and the comfort of nature.
Our task:
To develop an effective marketing strategy to promote a fundamentally new product on the market of Western Ukraine - fully ready-to-live houses not far from Lviv (Lypnyky) with turnkey repairs.

The final sale of 280 houses is determined.

Cottage town Lypovy rosy

Audience segmentation
The target audience was segmented into three groups:

The first group included young families, an average of four people, living in Lviv, mostly in the residential area of the city. The main motive for moving out of the city could be caring for the health of children.

The second group included young people aged 25-35 without a family or married, but still without children, who either rent a house or still live with their parents. The main purpose of moving out of the city could be the desire to get own space for a comfortable life at affordable prices.

The third group identified large families from three generations, where the parents of young people will take care of their grandchildren, giving their children the opportunity to work. That is why the key client of this group will move out of the city, focusing on moving together with their parents, so it is likely that the client will think about buying two houses at once.

Each group was analyzed in details by demographic parameters, comprehensive psychographic portrait and key values.

The final stage was to create a generalized portrait of a key customer and identify advertising messages for him.
The positioning of Lypovy Rosy cottage town: New out of the city District of Lviv.

Together with the design studio, a logo was created, as well as an advertising hero Bublyk dog, which aimed to create the needs of a key client throught the associations about cool life out of the city – in our Lypovy Rosy cottage town.

Marketing strategy and sales department
The process of bringing a new product to the market was divided into several stages according to the product life cycle. For each of these stages, a communication strategy and advertising campaign were developed.

The Mystery Shopper analysis revealed a number of difficulties in the cycle of working with the client, which were eliminated by conducting training sessions and prescribing work scripts. CRM system was connected with IP-telephony for better communication both with customers and between all departments of the company, which significantly increased the efficiency of the company as a whole and made it possible to clearly analyze the sales funnel.